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Candles You Don't Have to Throw Out

No unsightly char while it's in use. Functional, handcrafted home decor after it's done.

"They look great, they smell better. What I love most?! After I finished burning my candles I kept one in the living room as decoration, and the smaller one I have in my bedroom to hold my keepsakes."

Pamela Aguilar

2 AUG 2018, 12:21

"Two words: Ah Mazing! These candles arrived in beautiful packaging, and right away I could smell my Makrut Coconut. It felt like, I opened up a part of the caribbean in my living room."

Grace Cole

15 JUL 2018, 14:42

"My candles arrived, and I fell in love with them before I could even burn them. They what's a called a cold throw, where you don't even have to burn them to make your home smell inviting."

Betty Rivera

28 AUG 2018, 14:42

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