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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you create an inviting home through exceptional home and aroma decor. At Homewood Candles, we understand that home decor is more than just decorating with visual elements and believe in the ability of candles to create an empowering environment. From the careful development of our fragrances, to the use of all-natural, clean-burning matierals in our products, the Homewood Candles team is commited to fostering an uplifting and beautiful home for you, your friends, and your family.

The Original Homewood Candle

A modern home decor candle designed to be repurposed in your home and office /p>

Our fragrances were carefully designed to create an uplifting, comforting, and inviting home

Floral Notes

Delicate fragrances of fresh-cut bouquets blended with herbal and fruity notes.

Warm Notes

Musky, woody fragrances combined with hints of fruit, spices, and herbs.

Herbal Notes

Notes of fresh greens create clean scents with hints of fresh-ground herbs and wildflowers. 

Fresh Notes

Light, airy fragrances that deliver notes of fresh fruits, bright greens, and sliced veggies.

From Candle to Functional Decor

Our candles are designed to live in your home long after the candle is finished. Once the candle wax in your Homewood Candle is completely burned, the candle jar can be easily cleaned, fragrance label removed, and re-purposed throughout your home or office as storage jars, snack bowls, jewelry holders, and more.

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