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Effortlessly Re-Purpose Candles as Gorgeous Home Decor

Homewood Candles

Posted on April 23 2018

Effortlessly Re-Purpose Candles as Gorgeous Home Decor


A Beautiful Home

You want one.

No. You deserve one.

An organized, clean, Instagram-worthy, HGTV-esque, looks-like-I-spent-a lot-of-money-but-I-really-didn’t sanctuary…

Where friends and family always want to spend time and a place you enjoy coming home to every night.

You need this. We know.

So we made candles that smell amazing and then and put them in beautiful jars that make your home look great with little to no effort.

A Very Easy Clean

“Okay, these candles look great, but who has time to clean out candles?”

You do. Because it’s ridiculously easy.

Like, less time than brushing your teeth kind of easy.

The label peels off. The wicks pluck out. Remove excess wax with warm water…

…and you’re good to go.

From Candle to Décor

Homewood Candles are designed to serve as functional decor long after the candle is burned.

The materials we use are all-natural, so the uses for a repurposed are almost infinite….

Repurpose Homewood Candles for Home Decor for Home of Office

We’ve seen our Homewood Candles used in a number of ways. From a coin jar to a table centerpiece, a flower pot, and a cereal bowl. You name it.

Have you repurposed your candles yet? Let us know how you decorate your home with Homewood Candles and we might feature you on our Instagram page.

Flex Your Design Muscles

If you're new to Homewood Candles, make sure you sign up for our mailing list to get $5 off your first purchase.

Our Fragrance Samplers are a great first buy – receive three small Homewood Candles, three different fragrances, and three new home decor pieces for your space.


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